18.11.2022, 21:00

rrr - ATOME

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Tadan (UK)
[area127, Mana Abundance]
From the London underground, Tadan ascends the psychedelic wave into techno. He runs the local event and record label "area127". His latest EP debut "Healing Sounds of Tender" on Mana Abundance [GER] got sold out instantly by bringing back the mystics of trance back to the turntables.


[Silencer, Scum, Underzone]
Based in 1160 - Transki gained rapidly attention on contemporary community labels such as Harmless, Underzone Columbia, Extra Energy and many more. His sound hits the right spot: 90s nostaligia paired with DIY approach, all within viennese charm.
His debut EP "Vienna Gates" is released in 2022 on Scum [IT] including remixes by Dj Disrespect and Dj Break Da Law


Oat M
Scum started 2017 as a small series of in Bolzano, Italy. The project emerged into further including laberworks and podcasts. Soundwise Scum evolved into Techno, Trance, Breaks and Electro, previous releases were collaborated with artist such as Falling Apart, New Frames, Keepsakes and DJ Disrespect.


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