19.11.2022, 21:00

rrr - vodka&flowers power rave

vodka&flowers is reunited and we want to celebrate this occasion with a small community power rave!
from hardgroove to neo rave,
we've got the sound that you crave.

dj supergirl
is DJ based in Paris. Her style is a vibrant mix of hard techno and hardgroove with influences from breaks and trance music. Being a passionate club dancer, movement and rhythm are the major inspirations for her mixes. She is co-founder of the collective vodka&flowers.


Comrade Martin
is a Slovenian DJ based in Vienna. Growing up in an industrial Balkan city sparked his passion for techno music and its distinct mechanical sound. His early musical influence was the punk music that was created and played behind the iron curtain. Combining punk and techno enabled him to develop his own personal style and position in the Viennese techno scene.

TBA/ surprise :)

gives you the powers
to dance until the morning hours.
(this is joke, is it?)

bar 21:00h
program 22:00h