25.11.2022, 20:00

rrr - Amish Boy / Skuge (III part of the anniversary 3 years rrr)

Skuge is Hugues Croibien, 30 years old Belgian guy which experimenting electronic music since he drinks beers.
In 2017, another tremendous UK label which produce several artists such as Cylob, EDMX, Mark Broom, JoeFarr, Scalameriya or Duran duran duran notice him and the idea of a double album came. Bintus, who manages the label, offered Sküge to change his name and find an alias that would represent his new compositions, combining techno, idm and industrial. The magnificent double album of Amish Boy was finally released in two stages: "Laïka test project" in 2018 then "Nice try Donnie" the following year.
In spetember, Aphex Twin played one of Amish Boy's track called « Set Goering » in his Manchester Warehouse Project set. Then Amish Boy had capture more audience and the link with his past works under Sküge alias had finally been made.
Eventually in 2021, the italian label « Clam Pressure » run by Kuthi Jin propose him to release old archives of SkÛge, between breakcore/experimental and noise.

rrr local support coming soon (TBA)