26.11.2022, 21:00

rrr - Stagnat (Live) Wherzzz Anton R Di

Stagnat (Live)
is an electronic a/v project of two Slovenian artists, based in Vienna. Their outburst is a result of a thrive for joined musical expression and a branching of the past visually-centered artistic endeavors. The result is of experimental nature, techno with a darker shade, with a ruckus of a passing train, chaotic bird singing, a path into a gray morning with resentful teenage angst. Their first gig was as an improvised live act at Festival Izvir (Formaviva) in the Summer of 2019. Since then their sets have evolved into more homogeneous autoschediasm as they developed their own distinctive sound. In 2020 they self-released their first EP Synchrony of Falling and were featured on the compilation of the local record label Sigma5. Their debut album together with an experimental film was released in March of 2021 on the London-based label Singularity Recordings. In December 2021 they co-founded their own label DE/FRAGMENT. Since then they released one more EP, Subterranean Occurrence, and appeared on a couple of compilations. They have presented their music with several established artists such as Voidloss, SHXCXCHCXSH, Unn, Lag, Roomek, Sharad Shood, Key Ratio, Vlaysin, Paula Koski at events like Temnica and Tektonika at Klub K4, Rentgen at Kino Šiška, Drops Festival, and Progress festival.

Dj Sets:

House / Techno

Anton R
Techno / Break / Trance