27.05.2022, 20:00

rrr - Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics VII feat. Seretan, Speek, /ckaya, Marie Cherie

Transferans präsentiert: Istanbul Electronics VII. Eine Nacht voller experimenteller elektronischer Musik, die die Sichtweise auf die aktuelle türkische Musikszene erweitern wird.

Transferans presents: “Istanbul Electronics VII”, the night with full of leftfield experimental electronic music that stretch your knowledge about Turkey’s current music scene! Transferans Rec: “Istanbul Electronics” takes place with live performances of Seretan, Speek, and all night long dj sets from /ckaya and Marie Cherie. on May 27th until at the morning, the event will feature live and dj set performances from four projects at rrr, Brunnengasse 76, Vienna. You are invited to a one-day electronic music event to listen fresh, rare and even unreleased tracks from Istanbul underground electronic music scene curated by Istanbul label!

27th May 2022, Friday

Live Stage

/ckaya (dj set)
marie cherie (dj set)

Seretan uses sequencers, drum machines and samplers to create distinct style of music which is based on additive structures, sustained textures and unusual combination of sounds.
Like any sound obsessive, Özcan Ertek splits his time between a number of different projects. At the top of the list are Eno-inspired ambient explorations under his soundcollage moniker, as well as the experimental electronic music he makes under the name Seretan. From minimalist ambience to larger-than-life melodicism: Turkey’s sonic explorer Seretan will play dj set this time.

A shapeless world has been developing at the periphery of the outer-national sphere of Speek — AKA Sinan Ilhan. Originally from Istanbul, Vienna-based producer and performer blends bold honest hardwares with poly conceptual mediums and interests. Since 2019 he is hosting the DWNTN event series presenting various electronic expressions, performs as 1/4 the Wiener Arp Ensemble with self-builded synthesizer Arp2600.
Speek is refreshing, rebellious and playful, his sound is bold and self-assured.

/ckaya (Can Kaya) is a drummer, producer, event organizer & data geek. Born in Istanbul, based in Berlin — heavily influenced by post-rock music and a wide range of idols such as Björk, Mogwai, Buckethead, Squarepusher. Lately he's been exploring glitch, ambient and breakbeat territories with digital techniques presented in soundtrack-friendly improvisational arrangements. His debut EP "Krak FM" has been released via Transferans in August 2021.


Marie Cherie
A yugo-born shamaness residing in Vienna will take you on a psychedelic ride early in the morning, knocking the Satan out of you and cleaning you up for re-joining the space-time continuum we call life. Marie plays industrial techno glazed with punk and acid. Dark cosmic techno.

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