28.10.2022, 21:00

rrr - Andrej Jelic & Marina Mimoza

Andrej Jelic / roof aw
A household name in Bosnia and Herzegovina's club scene, Andrej Jelić has been living and breathing music for more than 20 years. As a renowned DJ, who was recognized by all regional festivals throughout his career, he is known for his energetic sets full of passionate electronic music that wakes all senses. Residing in Mostar and being an event host next to his DJ career, Andrej is a pillar of the club scene and one of the after-party scene's founding fathers. Organizing and hosting lavish parties through the ROOF AW project that received world-famous names from the electronic music scene, he has built up a community that enjoys a real party and treats each other with complete respect. Famous for his long-lasting after-party sets, Andrej always looks for one more track to melt away the dance floor. His music roots go into all genres, and he has multiple releases on different labels under the No Government project in his earlier days. True clubbers favorite, Andrej, has been resident in Sarajevo's Silver and Smoke club.

Marina Mimoza
Marina has been DJing since 2009, actively contributing to the music scene in BiH, and creating music collections that span a wide range of electronics. Guided by various inspirations, she creates dynamics sets that combine deep house, hypnotic techno, and experimental electronics, while mixing experimental ambient electronics is one of her biggest passions. She approaches performances conceptually and builds a holistic musical story. During her music journey, Marina performed with numerous established artists from BiH, the region, and the world. She participated in and produced many multimedia performance concepts such as "Lovevolution" in collaboration with other musicians and visual artists. At the moment, Marina resides in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is well known as the founder and producer of the Street Arts Festival Mostar.

Local support /

David Fox/ SUB

Dj Topspin/ Perculate