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SASS - Salon Gold | Loquace

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Loquace / Upon.you

Alternativklang / YSCMD

Jacobs & Moser / Wiener Stadtpiraten

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Born in the region of Paris and expatriated to southern France, Loïc has soon started to discover the fascinating world of the night. Captured by the sounds of DJing, the beginning of an intense journey has just begun.

In 2006 he engaged with his buddy Julien in the duo H&S. In the following four years they shared the decks alongside big names like Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Hunteman, Miss Kittin, Vitalic and many more.

Productionwise the duo released tracks on labels such as Multivitamins, Smallroom or Monoloc. As time goes by and history repeats itself, the two friends separated and Loic became Loquace: this represents a new step in his young and fresh career. In 2011, after focusing more on his own projects, Loquace decides to create a new identity for himself by establishing his own label Earlydub Records.

Meanwhile, Loquace's style gets more and more personalized through impressive releases on Dirty Little Helpers, Upon.You or Kiara Records. His artist visibility seems to become increasingly popular, encouraged by the positive feedback provided by international headliners such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Mathias Tanzmann, Tini, Robert Dietz or Marco Resmann.

It seems clear now, that doors are just opening for him all over Europe: London, Zurich and Barcelona are only few among the many destinations he showed up and left his trace. In 2013 his name appeared in the line up for "Tini & the Gang" at the Ibiza summer season. In the same year he joined Upon.You Bookings after his first successful release “Something Better”.