06.05.2022, 23:00

SASS - MUTTER - Born This Gay

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23.00 – 06.00

The Offspring on 33 and 45, in alphabetical order:
Gerald VDH
Rumi von Baires

Welcome Shots by Philisha Conditioner

The Facts:
Gender Free, Gay, Bisexual and Hetero
Still pushing things forward with PREMIUM (!) house & techno music (you turdball)
Vinyl Only
Only 10 for registered punters (check in before midnight) –> register until 6pm on the night of the event: https://bit.ly/MUTTER06MAY22

The Location:
Karlsplatz 1, 1010 Wien

The Damage:
15 all night
10 for registered daughters, sons and everyone inbetween or beyond (see above)