09.07.2016, 23:00

SASS - Salon Gold & Essential closing ▬ D-NOX (d-nox & beckers, sprout /DE)

Flyer für: SASS - Salon Gold & Essential closing ▬ D-NOX (d-nox & beckers, sprout /DE)
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D-Nox (d-nox & beckers, sprout, tronic /DE)


DEF MIke (moodmusic records)


support by:

Sam Gahara b2b Løwe (#deeperthanyou)


Bio D-Nox:

The charismatic figure of Germany's best known Dj is
unquestionable. Charting a revolutionary path during the
vibrant super clubbing days of the 90's, the man in question
has created a huge impact in the electronic dance music
scene as one of the front-runners of big room clubbing and
a massively exciting presence with his musical sensibilities.
D-Nox rocks!

An illustrious career behind the console as one half of
D-Nox & Beckers, is forever etched in our minds; not just
as the top-notch talented duo, but Christian's flamboyance
and unique style has made him one of the most loved figures
in the nightlife industry. As the early D-Nox, he filled residen-
cies in some of the most prestigious clubs and put in Dj sets
at festivals not only in Germany, but since has garnered world
wide recognition of his art form. Clubs such as Pacha, Space,
Ministry of Sound, Privilege still resound with his gob-smackingly
electrifying sets, to name some.

Spanning more than two decades of an iconic career and
vast music artilery, his steerage is best left with you never
know which way he takes us fun. Welcome to the world of DNox
music....where the tempo is always set to groove...!!


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23:00 - 5:00