10.10.2015, 23:00

SASS - Salon Gold | Trompet Records Showcase

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Troyanova // Trompet Records, Technoball


Lucas Gaarden // Trompet Records

Clyne aka Gutherzrebell // Technoball

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The label was founded in January 2015 by 2 Music Lovers named Troyanova and Lucas Gaarden from Austria, Vienna in order to scoop out just the best and finest House Tech-House and Techno Music in their country.

The label philosophy is to create a record label which promotes and encourages talented producers and DJ’s from Austria and the rest of the world and to release their music without depending on Major Label structures.

The musical style of the releases are mainly House, Tech-House and Techno with lots of different instrumental and chanting influences. s are Trompet - Showcases and DJ Booking of their Artists.