15.07.2022, 23:00

SASS - HARD LIFE: The Beginning


Often times, life can be hard. We understand that. We are here to make it easy. DJ Deadlift & Big Stein, well known for their fast paced, ravy sound which they have cultivated together with Tezibel under the REDIVIDER collective have decided to put their alter egos: AD Hammer & Jacky Daytona on full display. Hard Life diverges from what people have come to expect from the REDIVIDER team, hitting you with everything from Chicago, Prog, Baleriac, Jersey, grooves that are bouncy, sweaty, and have a definitive swing. Hard Life is basement music, sounds for the underground, best enjoyed in basements and undisclosed locations during the hours of the night known only to those who understand how hard life can be and how sweet it really is. This is why we are proud to present the first and hopefully not last party in the Viennese club known for turbulent after hour events: SASS. Disappear into the darkness, embrace the red light, accept the HARDLIFE.