17.11.2018, 23:00

SASS - Manifest w/ Damiano von Erckert (AVA. Records, DE)

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Manifest w/ Damiano von Erckert (AVA. Records, DE)

SA, 17.11.2018

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Damiano von Erckert
AVA. Records, DE

Roman Rauch
Manifest/ Secret Crunch, AT
Maaki aka Power Plant
Manifest, AT

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About / Biography

Damiano von Erckert. German born, Recklinghausen, 1989. His first exposure to contemporary art and dance music came early on, through his father who was a well-known DJ, artist and party animal in his hometown.

After his parents divorced Damiano move to the countryside of Cologne with his mother, who had since found a new lover, in 1995.

In 2006/07 von Erckert met one of his best friends and long time AVA. RECORDS artists AM Kinen, the pair soon began experimenting making music together with computers and turntables. After 4 years of creating dance music and DJing from time to time at private parties and in a club called Black Box, Wiehl, von Erckert moved in 2010 to Cologne for real. After several rejected demos it was here that he founded his very own imprint AVA. RECORDS in 2011, to provide a platform for he and his friends to release dance music on vinyl.

Since then Damiano has put out EPs/ remixes and collaborations with artists such as Mall Grab, Retrogott, Tito Wun AM Kinem, mainly through his own AVA. RECORDS. Besides this von Erckert has released 4 full studio albums so far. His debut LP in collaboration with Tito Wun entitled ‘Mr. Pink What Have You Been Smoking?’ came in 2013, the internationally successful ‘Love Based Music’ soon followed, containing a remix by another friend by the name of Motor City Drum Ensemble.

His current album ‘In Case You Don’t Know What To Play’ was released at the end of 2017 and is wrapped in a handmade cover with 8 different versions. Other DJ staples by Damiano/AVA. are ‘Housem 1’ (2012), Housem III’ (2016), ‘Bubbles’ (2015), Tito Wun's ‘The Way U Do It’ (2013), Panoramabar classic Murat Tepeli ‘Forever’ (Prosumer Remix) (2013), Mall Grab's ‘I’ll Be In Paris On Sunday If You’re About?’ (2017) and other renowned records by German artists Retrogott and Am Kinem.

As a DJ he regularly performs all over the world in places such as Corsica Studios, London, Panoramabar, Berlin, Concrete, Paris, Gottwood Festival, Wales, Zukunft, Zürich, Circus, Osaka and many other clubs and festivals.

Von Erckert also found the time to shoot two movies, without any professional knowledge about a medium that has always intrigued him, ‘Timesucker’ with Hermes Villena debuted in 2013 and ‘In Case You Don’t Know What To Watch’ followed in 2017. His general style of creating is very free: free of structure and lines. Which makes it not always easy for DVE himself and followers to adjust.

DVE is considered a funky, disco-ish DJ and artist which he does not agree on and he feels misunderstood. Some of is more well known work might be sample, organic based but there’s plenty of deep, electronic music made and played out by DVE. He wants to focus more on ‘dance’ then any other generic title.

Damiano von Erckert lived in Cologne, London, Bordeaux but currently in Paris, France
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Karlsplatz 1
1010 Vienna