19.10.2018, 23:00

SASS - Manifest w/ Eris Drew (Smartbar/Motherbeat, USA)

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Manifest w/ Eris Drew (Smartbar/Motherbeat, Chicago/US)

presented by Manifest, SASS Music Club & Radio Superfly

FR, 19.10.2018

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Eris Drew
Smartbar Chicago/ Motherbeat, USA

Roman Rauch
Manifest/ Secret Crunch, Vienna/AT

Manifest, Vienna/AT

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About / Biography

Eris Drew is a DJ, musician and trans mystic. She is a resident at Chicago's Smart Bar and co-founded Hugo Ball, the club's long-running polysexual Dada-inspired dance party. Eris is known for her ecstatic and intensely rhythmic sets which channel the Motherbeat. This transcendent primordial healing energy and mathematics speaks through music and all things, from bird songs and locomotives to U.K. hardcore and krautrock. At the time the Motherbeat was revealed to her—23 years ago—Eris was a closeted teenager. In the decades that followed, her engagement with this ecstatic Gaian pulse was secreted as a private source of comfort and reprieve from dysphoria. During this time, Eris formed a highly personal and alchemical relationship with her rave records and synthesisers while unwittingly incorporating ideas described by Surrealism, shamanism, chaos magic and Dischordianism into her rituals. Over the past year, her path to transition has released all of her stored energy onto dance floors, leading to mythic sets at Club Toilet, Hot Mass, Honcho’s Campout, the Bunker NY and, most recently, at Tuf ‘till Dawn in Seattle. Eris has also performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Art Institute in Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. She gives lectures on electronic music history with a focus on marginalized voices for Daphne and mentors aspiring vinyl DJ’s for Walking and Falling.

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