20.01.2017, 23:00

SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Borrowed Identity (LPH/Mistress, BLN)

Flyer für: SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Borrowed Identity (LPH/Mistress, BLN)
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curated by Manifest
∆ House, Disco, Soul ∆
each and every 3rd friday of every month

10€ < 01.00 > 13€


"Spritzwein Sessions" is the brand for our exclusive thing at SASS Music Club. It takes place every 3th friday of the month. Manifest is the name of our collective including Marie, Roman Rauch, Fabe, Maaki and Nesta.


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∆ Borrowed Identity ∆
(Quintessentials/Let's Play House/ Mistress, Berlin)

∆ Roman Rauch ∆
( Manifest, Wien)

∆ Maaki ∆
(Manifest, Wien)

∆ Fabe ∆
(Manifest, Wien)

∆ Nesta ∆
(Manifest, Wien)


Borrowed Identity is a chameleon in the electronic music scene. His DJ sets are mostly a mix of house, techno and disco but depending on the vibe, venue and crowd he can sometimes go totally freestyle. But he can also focus on one sound and take the crowd in any direction when the dancefloor needs to go there. He always tries to give his crowds everything they need to let go and lose their minds, which is why he won’t stick to one sound like so many Djs and their one dimensional styles. Those very important moments of surprise gets lost if people know what to expect before they even arrive. So, instead of creating an easy to promote image as a DJ he is always trying to catch the vibe in every club and goes with the flow of the people just like they go with him.

He is young but wise beyond his years and has already played many of the renowned clubs in Europe and most parts of the world. He released music on labels like Let’s Play House, Mistress and Quintessentials and also remixed contemporary influences like Ben Sims, Max Graef and Luke Solomon and his music has been supported and played regularly by heavyweights like Laurent Garnier, Mike Huckaby, Len Faki, Move D and KiNK amongst many more.

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