20.02.2016, 23:00

SASS - Salon Gold & Essential | Dachshund [clapper, 8bit, gruuv /CH]

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Dachshund [clapper, 8bit, gruuv /CH]


Dachshund was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He got his first introduction to music in the 90’s, playing guitar in Reggae bands. That was the beginning of his long lasting love story with dub music. With his roots in Dub music, Dachshund first experimented with electronic music in 1997, producing his own jungle and Drum’n’Bass tracks. This new orientation got him involved in DJing and organizing the first Drum’n’Bass parties in his hometown. In order to play his own music during DJ sets – CDs not being available at that time - he cut his own productions on vinyl (dub plates) at Music House in London. It’s through these new styles of music that Dachshund developed his knowledge of hardware machines. You can read Dachshund’s musical evolution in his productions and DJ sets, like reading a person’s age by the marks on his face. His past history with Dub and other organic types of music is what gives his current production such an original flavor – far from the dehumanized and cold musical productions that can be so easily done with today’s software. Dachshund calls for a human presence behind the machine, sweat on the dancefloor and the swinging of hips – not headbanging. It’s with this particular vision in mind that he has played live and DJ sets all over Europe.

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DEF Mike [Moodmusic Records]


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