22.02.2020, 23:00

SASS - 2 Years Rhythm Science w/ Alberto Gerardi

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2 years already. we would never have thought our little project would thrive like it did over the past. as a little thank you to all our loyal dancers and also as a treat to our own ears, we decided to invite Alberto for another round. he was probably our favourite dj that performed at our parties last year, so for all of you that missed it, now is your second chance. oh, and he will play for 5 hours this time :)

Line Up:


Rizmo (Rhythm Science / Funkroom)
Eye F (Rhythm Science)
Stipo (Rhythm Science)


Alberto Gerardi (Micro.Solchi / IT) 5H Set



Because we want everyone to get loose, safe and comfortably, treated as an EQUAL, we follow a STRICTLY NO BULLSHIT policy against harassment and aggressive behaviour ! if something happens to you or you see something that makes you uncomfortable, tell us or security immediately..



regular = 12€ / click "attending" = 7€ (until 1 o'clock)

afterhour = 10€

let the rhythm do the talking.