23.10.2015, 23:00

SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Max Graef & Glenn Astro (Money$ex Records, Berlin)

Flyer für: SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Max Graef & Glenn Astro (Money$ex Records, Berlin)
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∆ SPRITZWEIN SESSIONS ∆ curated by Manifest
each and every 4th friday of every month
∆ House, Disco, Soul ∆
8€ < 00.30 > 12€
Students all night long: 8€

RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?760530


"Spritzwein Sessions" is now the brand for our exclusive thing at SASS Music Club. It takes place every 4th friday of the month and we booked some exciting guests for our upcoming parties. Manifest is the name of our collective including Marie, Roman Rauch, Fabe, Maaki and Nesta.


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∆ Max Graef ∆
(Money$ex / Box aus Holz, Berlin)

∆ Glenn Astro ∆
(Money$ex / Tartelet, Berlin)

∆ Roman Rauch ∆
(Manifest/Klamauk, Wien)


It's easy to hear Max Graef's music as a collection of influences. There's Berlin, his hometown, where playing records feels as natural as riding a bike. There's his love of live instruments, built through the years he's spent playing them. And then there's house music and the funk, soul, disco, jazz and hip-hop that feed into it—all of which bleed together at Oye Records, the record shop in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg that may as well be Max's living room.
As a producer, DJ and now bandleader, he embodies all of the above. Yet no matter how many facts you know about Max, his music still catches you off-guard—what he's grabbed out of the ether is freely available, but the maturity and inventiveness he strings it together with couldn't have come from anyone else.

Currently residing in Essen, Glenn Astro has spent a bit more than half his life DJing and producing, first in the realm of hip-hop and more recently with an ear towards dance music. After his first releases in this style in 2011 and 2012, Glenn really went for it in 2013 with a trio of EPs that showed hip-hop's soul and house music's drive are in no way mutually exclusive.
This 26-year-old may embrace the latter these days, but when you close your eyes and let his gritty low-end do its dirty work, you'll hear plenty of the former's bump still kicking around in there.


Sass Music Club
Karlsplatz 1
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