25.01.2020, 23:00


Flyer für: SASS - SASStem A
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ψ SASStem A, presented by System A ψ

ψ Three women, one passion: Techno. The triangle of female Producer/DJs Alecid, Aida Arko and Annika Stein is returning on Saturday, 25th of January at SASS Music Club.

ψ Respect the SASStem rules: be aware of yourself and others, be kind and most importantly: enjoy!

ψ 11pm - 5am,
ψ entry til midnight: 0 Eur
ψ entry for attendings til 1: 5 Eur
ψ entry after midnight: 10 Eur

ψ Line-Up:

Aida Arko
Annika Stein