27.05.2016, 23:00

SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Lucretio (Restoration/Mixworks, Berlin) & Alex Bayer

Flyer für: SASS - Spritzwein Sessions w/ Lucretio (Restoration/Mixworks, Berlin) & Alex Bayer
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∆ SPRITZWEIN SESSIONS ∆ curated by Manifest
each and every 4th friday of every month
∆ House, Disco, Soul ∆


"Spritzwein Sessions" is the brand for our exclusive thing at SASS Music Club. It takes place every 4th friday of the month. Manifest is the name of our collective including Marie, Roman Rauch, Fabe, Maaki and Nesta.


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∆ Lucretio ∆
(Restoration/Mixworks, Berlin)

∆ Roman Rauch ∆
(Manifest, Wien)

∆ Alex Bayer ∆
( Lewd and Loud/ OSBA, Bavaria)


Underground DJ and producer, vinyl defender, audio engineer, Analogue Cop. Italian DJ and producer Lucretio a.k.a. Domenico Cipriani was born in Padua, in the year in which Cybotron (a.k.a Juan Atkins) released his first electro tracks. He grew up in the small village of Cadoneghe on the Brenta banks, and he started to work in a little neighborhood club named 'Teatro La Scala'. In the following years he helped his friends, the 'Autobahn' group, to promote their parties. This collective was the first to bring Techno to North-East Italy. He played records from 2000 onward, urged by the need to have on vinyl that music he was listening with a 56k modem from a city called Detroit.

Jeff Mills' seminal releases prompted him to develop his sound. Music changed his life; Detroit Techno in all its variations, Chicago House, New York and U.K. Garage, Berlin's dark and dubby Techno, British experimental sounds, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin grooves. All mixed with love. Domenico moved to Barcelona in 2003 and there he started producing music as 'Lucretio'. In 2004 he mastered his skills at the SAE Institute of Barcelona, where he took a degree in music production.At the end of 2006 Lucretio decided to follow his mysterious friend and move to Berlin to develop his sound. Here he met DJ Buzz Goree, and soon their collaborations started. Shortly thereafter, Lucretio joined 'Mixworks'. He played at Loveparade 2006, on the only official Detroit Float, hosted by Mixworks, with DJs Buzz Goree, Eddie Fowkles, Elbee Bad and Tyree Cooper. In the following summer he travelled to Detroit and there he played the Infamous venues 'Oslo', at the 'Works', at 'Florence' and at the 'Majestic Theatre', convincing the locals with his 'smooth' style. In February 2007 he formed the hardware-only techno project 'Xenogears ' with his fellow Marieu. Their first tracks came out on their own new label, 'Restoration Records'. The "First Mission" EP (RST001) was released in September 2007; full of Detroit reminiscence and Chicago-influenced fat beats. Shortly after, his first release on Mixworks was released in late November 2007. The 'Persistence EP' is an exercise in techno confidence, passion, soul and devotion.

In 2008 he started with Marieu "The Analogue Cops" project, which has blossomed into a more house orientated outlet for the duo's work. They release their material on Restoration, sometimes collaborating with nd_baumecker, or Steffi (Dolly / Klakson). With Steffi they also form the 'Third Side' project, which will have released an acclaimed debut album, 'Unified Fields' released in the Autumn of 2012.Of the same year, are the first tracks produced with Marieu and Blawan as Parassela. Since september 2009 he has released on the label 'Live Jam Records' as 'ACE' (together with EMG and Marieu) and as Appointment (with EMG, Marieu and John Swing). Alongside Marieu and the Live Jam Records crew, he started the “Appointment” platform which led to an official remix of Moodymann’s seminal “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits”.

Finally, in 2011, he founded his solo label 'Machines State Polymers', which has already a little piece of history. In the same year prompted and sustained by Locus Solus productions, he has been teaching teaching synthesis, sampling and mixing techniques in small workshop of resounding success. After having mastered his skills and knowledge of the Elektron machines, he is know training electronic producers to master the use and control of the Octatrack sampler, gaining the official support of the Swedish brand. His latest solo live, named "Octatracking" is a showchase of the striking sonic possibilities of this tool as a performance hub.Domenico graduated in Linguistics at the University of Padua and is currentlyfurthering his research into the relation between functionalism and social semiotics. His primary areas of interest are pragmatics and morphology.



Karlsplatz 1
1010 Vienna