30.01.2016, 23:00

SASS - Salon Gold & Essential | Einmusik Live

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Einmusik Live [Einmusika, Katermukke, Noir / Berlin]

Always lost between space and time. Always on the run, hard to catch. Sometimes the sounds are raw, sometimes dreamy and light-footed. Who wants to understand the music of Einmusik needs to go deeper. Listen a second time, breath a third time and throw away all your expectations. Only a few steady components, no easy schemes. House, techno, trance and breakbeats – everything flows into each other and ends up in a unique symbiosis. You will find melodies. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes dominating and sometimes they disappear after the break and get lost in a raw and metallic vacuum of claps and basses.

His live performance is unique and everything but hand-tame. Whether on a festival like Fusion or in a small club – in the end everybody is closing the eyes, forgets about the here and now and plunge into the cosmos of Einmusik, which seems to be endless.



support by:

DEF Mike [Moodmusic Records, King Street Sounds NY]


Andreas Weisz & Nadini Houseweird [luv lite recordings]


23:00 - 05:00