01.12.2017, 22:00

Super Unusual Beings - Variety07 w/ Submarine Vibes

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VARIETY07 with Subamarine Vibes






// INFO:

Submarine Vibes is a digital record label from Sarajevo. It's a project that has been made by young, creative and ambitious people who are trying to, by doing what they love, create quality domestic products sailing through music, design and marketing zones of interest.

During three years of existence, Submarine published 45 releases including 6 compilations and 60 podcasts and gained more than million plays on different social platforms. The young label tries to promote its' own artists and music the best way possible and is always working on creative ideas and stunning design projects to make the brand more popular and recognizable. Submarine already built a big network including media publishers, radio stations, YouTube channels and a respectable promo pool of national and international DJs.

// Admission: 5€ all night long

// Variety07 Vernissage:
SEEDS from 30.11. - 3.12. at: Zigutamve-photography

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