07.09.2017, 20:00

Super Unusual Beings - Sub.live x Rolande Garros x DJ Warzone x Ulrich Rois

Flyer für: Super Unusual Beings - Sub.live x Rolande Garros x DJ Warzone x Ulrich Rois
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Rolande Garros (MMODEMM)


DJ Warzone (Perpetua Records)
Ulrich Rois (Membrane)


Polyxene (Strange Attractors/Äther)
Uncle Ulrich (..Rois..)


How about this?

ROLANDE GARROS aka FM AETHER is a Frankfurt based producer , one half of the electronic performance-duo LES TRCS and co-founder of cassette label MMODEMM.
As ROLANDE GARROS he performs sonic experiments on his analogue gadgetry somewhere between prog-, library-, dirty housemusic and the french open.


Our dupport acts go together like YIN and YANG:

DJ WARZONE(Perpetua Records) aka CIHAD JOHNSON is one of our favourite local heroes and super unusual beings. Hardcore, Gabba, Ghettotech or Electrofunk, Noise. Denis is versatile and super passionate about what he does. Whatever style or genre he is into at the moment he will dig into it 200% and share it with you. We also love his latest productions under the DJ WARZONE moniker.

ULRICH ROIS who has an Aura more like DJ PEACE ZONE, while still playing hard at times, has been very present at SUB lately. Wether it is his drone collective BIRD PEOPLE, Ulrich as a DJ or Ulrich the live Techno act, I always get the feeling that there is a bit of a shaman/healer in the way he uses music to manipulate our brainwaves. He is also one of the busiest DJ's/musicians around and wherever I go I bump into him. I am sure uncle Ulrich will do us some amazing service again and I am looking forward to another Sonic Soul Massage.


I know POLYXENE as a dope record collector and have spent many hours listening to some of the deepest and darkest detroit techno and electro records at her old appartment.She will open the night and hopefully give you the same feeling I ahd back then. Gosebumps and chills. Polyxeni promised to bring a batch of new "weird" techno records. Thanx, Xenia!

..definetely a grand-slam for electronic music lovers..