08.09.2017, 22:00

Super Unusual Beings - Speakeasy

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Friday night and the sun has gone down, the street lights offer their burnt orange glow to guide your way trough the pathways of the city. This is you time, you space! The grey-faced ons have scampered off and bolted their doors against the deranged and decadent dangers the lurk in the dark. The lightweights are starting to falter already, troglodyte drunks and screeching harpies lurch and stagger through greasy litter and pools of puke but you pay them no heed. They wouldn’t know shit from shinola! All you wan is your people and the party. The alleyway is dark, the doorway innocuous, the bouncer huge, you give him a nod and walk in, twist left, twist right, then trough the double doors and kaboom, you’are home, in the land of acid and bass. A smile cracks your face and is met by another as your mates emerge from the crowd. Everyone is dressed to thrill, psychedelic monkeys on the party tip, the mundane will not be tolerated, why would it be? It’s Friday fucking night, if you can’t live now, you won’t live ever; these glorious souls who surround you wan only one thing, a good time; a fat, juicy, roaring time. The cynical, grim, vindictive gifs who peck, peck, peck away at your heart have been swept away on a tide of passion, which their withered flesh could never comprehend. This is no time to moan and whine; this is a time when the social potential of these cursed apes, called humans, can shine

Cigomatic and AC/Boy

Hosted by Hekura Rec

enter with good energy, do not bother others who dancing, emit love and enjoy music without criticism to your similars.
be cool :) and respect