09.09.2017, 22:00

Super Unusual Beings - SUB.versive #1

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SUB.VERSIVE #1 (A night dedicated to the hypnotic and intoxicating side of african, carribean and afro-latin music)
Your musical witch doctors of the night:

MP Flapp (Afrodisia)
Giuseppe Leonardi (Tingel Tangel)
Matthias Fuchs (Tingel Tangel)
David Fox (SUB)

I only recently met MP FLAPP, the man behind the cat with the red hat that calls itself JC Steward, who is a major figure behind the Afrodisia series at my favourite club apart from SUB, AU. He immediately took me back to my days as a teenager when I would go to London and hang with Bob Glass, a guy who had worked at Ray’s Jazzshop since the 60s. We would sit for hours drinking whiskey, talking and listening to some oft he most amazing and exotic music I have heard to this day. With John I get the same feeling, I could talk about music and listen to records with him into eternity and beyond and drink a lot of whiskey too.

GIUSEPPE LEONARDI has been a prodigy on the triangle ever since the tender age of 15. Recently he has also sought out a renowned music teacher to study the cowbell and woodblocks. He is also famous across Vienna for the unique splendour of his hair and just loves it when you ask him about the track title after each record. He is great at philosophizing about life and has even more hobbies apart from that.


MATTHIAS FUCHS is a very humble man. His record collection suggests otherwise but he would never be so vain as to boast about it. Otherwise an empty husk he turns into music and then radiates like a brilliant sun once the sonic spark has touched him. He gets bored easily without records or something useful to do. This is why we have to always find work for him when he is in SUB. A monk of music who likes to always be at your service we cannot think of a better man to supply you with non-stop musical excitement.


DAVID FOX aka ALAMUT aka WIGGA FOX populates SUB together with other spirits and demons, like his serpent friend Susan and the god loving/love making N'golo. When he is not busy answering booking requests or writing nonsense texts about fellow DJs he loves getting tangled up in polyrhythmic patterns, cultic music as well as electric wires. Together with Matthias he is still planning a fox world domination while staying humble to the bone and grounded.



See you @SUB for the Hypnotisation Celebration