12.10.2017, 21:00

Super Unusual Beings - Sub.Set w Dan Lo & Beatprozessor & X&i

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The Electro-gods have spoken!
Thou shalt be funked and funked thou shall be!

Dan Lodig (Pomelo)
X+I (Vienna Wildstyle)

LIVE !!!:

This Thursday will be a very special night for us and the gods, as they have sent us three exceptional robot funkateers from different parts of the galaxy.

We are ectremely happy to welcome Dan Lodig on decks for the first time. He has made a name as DJ and producer of unique techno and electrofunk tracks since the 90s. He has played big clubs like Tresor, Limelight and Nitsa and is one of the people responsiible for keeping the electrofunk sound alive in Vienna building on a vast knowledge of the scene and music. He is also co-founder of the supercool technolabel Pomelo Records.

The same appreciation goes for X+I who has supported out club from day one and loves sub like we love him. Xandi is one of the coolest people I know and has never spoken one pretentious word for as long as i have known him. He was part of the Vienna Wildstyle crew who have been responsible for some of the coolest parties I have been to back in the day and he is also a super dope DJ with an extremely versatile style including some of the dopest electrofunk records i have heard at SUB lately.

Last but not least the one and only Beatprozessor. He is definetely a freak for the funk and embracing the culture like no other. He produces, collects, spins and plays his machines electrofunk-style. He must have been born on planet rock and brought to earth via the mothership and the best thing is he is practically our neighbour and homeboy. When he is not having lazer shootouts with the KLP-gang he will be either digging, banging out beats or DJ'ing. We love Peter and hope to see more of him here in the future.