14.09.2017, 20:00

Super Unusual Beings - Sub.set x Matthias Fuchs

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Approximately 2!! hrs of Matthias Fuchs (Tingel Tangel)

Partly an attempt to keep Matthias busy at all times as well as selflessly keeping you supplied with super unsual music (in this case probably into eternity) this will be a Sub.set not to be missed.

Matthias is the man when it comes to rare african music but he is also versed in all sorts of of other music. I would say his main style is "not-boring" which is also my favourite style at the moment and surprisingly enough has gained popularity in Vienna recently. "Not boring" or "N.B." is a genre closely related to "super unusual" which is a mix of all the genres that exist in the world up to this day and changes every nanosecond of the day which is why it is probably never boring. The fact that Matthias is a pioneer in this field must surely qualifies him for humble world domination.

Apart from serving music there has been talk of super topical snacks and drinks..

expect the unexpected!