15.11.2017, 21:00

Super Unusual Beings - Diamond Terrifier Live + DJ set/ dj ddkern/ Vid Jeraj Live

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Diamond Terrifier [Styles Upon Styles] a.k.a. Sam Hillmer is NYC-based tenor-saxophonist, artist and curator who belongs to a long wailing tradition of Gotham City's finest reed-troubadours. As if Abel Ferrara and Martin Rev kneeled over Alladin's loop scattered remains, this bi-pulmonary genie from Brooklyn who curates in Queens, has already relased "Kill Self That Wants to Kill Yourself" and "The Subtle Body wears a Shadow" if only to deliver a testament to an entropy.... It all initiated with "Garudas", an album from 2007.


DT has recently evolved, to a group called Cipher, featuring Miho Hatori (also of Cibo Matto) on vocals, Don Devore, and Michael Baharie. Its first release is a vinyl EP entitled" Chapel Master", due October 13 at the label Styles Upon Styles.

While being involved with the latest Laurel Halo's album, and noise-band/chamber-ensemble Zs as his mainstay, Sam produces You Are Here festival (aka the maze) with his visual art duo Trouble (with sculptor Laura Paris), and the social project Representing NYC, a network of music and culture organizations. Graduated from Manhattan School of Music in Saxophone and Composition, he has studied under Bob Mintzer, Mark Stambaugh, and Reiko Fueting. His collaborations include Arto Lindsay, Mick Barr, Weasel Walter, Chris Taylor, Greg Fox, a.o.

"More Stravinski than Sun Ra..." (Was ist das)
"Doesn’t play his main instrument quite as much as he violates it. Live, he shoves a microphone down into the bell of his tenor sax in order to run his squelches and bleats through delays and reverbs and echoes and loops" (Impose)
"”Transference Trance’ is something akin to a calypso party in Satan’s back yard. Incomprehensible, oblique, wonderful and magic, I was most definitely sucked in by its charm." (Louder Than War)

dj ddkern is missing link among post-free-jazz and countryside actionism, a venerable drummer who plays with Fuckhead, BulBul, QED, broken.heart.collecotor and Glutamat. His notable collaborations included Mario Rechtern, Weasel Walter, Mats Gustafsson, Linda Sharrock, Ken Vandermark, Margaret Unknown, Elisabeth Harnik and others. His legendary vinyl collection raids the demons out of Vienna's swamps and is destined to step you out of your eyebrows...

Writer, musician and poet Vid Jeraj (of Drumski pjesnici fame) lives in many languages, while he mostly resides among the syncopations. His work was featured at dOCUMENTA, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, N.O. Jazz festival, and Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri, including collabs with Kjetil Moster Trio, Mimika Orchestra, BUG Trio, Mario Kovač, Albert Markos/Tijana Stanković/Irene Kepl/Benedict Taylor string quartet, a.o. Soloing in poetry, critique and essays, he plays for his soul's sake, in brief...