19.10.2017, 21:00

Super Unusual Beings - Sub.set x Therese Haller

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6hrs of Therese Haller (Hostile Architecture / Galactic Township)

dubwize support: David Fox

Therese Haller (a.k.a. Mega Dj Mama a.k.a. Inverto Boy) has been one of us subterraneans from the days before SUB opened.
He helped build the sound and accoustics of the place and will be seen on the board on certain nights at SUB.
He is also responsible for Hostile Takeover. A regular event series at SUB and is really looking forward to play you his heart soul, jungle dub and juke just as we are to host and support him.

Therese will hit things off dubwize together with us and later move more into jungle/breakbeat/footwork territory.

For the occassion we will finally install our arsenal of sirenes, echoes and filters which will be in effect more in our dub sessions coming real soon in the future.

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