21.09.2017, 20:00

Super Unusual Beings - Sub.set x B.Ranks (BLVZE)

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Approximately 6 hrs of Beda Ranks (BLVZE) = A selection of finest bass music

Okay.. I know I have been going on about favourite DJ's recently. Well here I go again!!

BEDA RANKS it is this time, and again I am speaking from the bottom of my soul and being 200% honest with you. This guy plays it all! All the stuff I really love when I need my bass fix or a night out dancing.

Maybe it's because we share some similar roots in reggae and hiphop culture that I love his sets so much, maybe it's just because he is simply super and for the fact that he will play grime, footwork, dub and garage or even the odd ragga tune on the occasion. Beda ranks high in my list of DJ's and I am real happy to have him play at SUB.

Beda or Peter is one of those good things coming from Linz and has blessed Vienna with some of the wickedest Dubstep-nights at Fluc back in the days. We are talking 2007/8 when I would be at almost every KLUB SIR3NE or RAW event and Dubstep was still very very exciting (or so it was to me in any case). I remember Beda Ranks' sets from very special nights like when I went to see MALA (DMZ). The Beda of today is in no way less exciting, still pushing the envelope and exploring new genres together with the BLVZE collective who are responsible for bringing good footwork and grime acts to Vienna right now.

For support and to have a break every now and then B.Ranks is bringing his old time buddy Mad Hiaz (Runtin.net) along. Hiaz is best known his grime and tropical bass sets. Also, hopefully Hiaz is going to host some parties at SUB in the closer future.

See you at SUB!
Bring some horns, lighters and sirenes!