24.09.2017, 21:00

Super Unusual Beings - NOITU presents: Scatter_Radar at SUB

Flyer für: Super Unusual Beings - NOITU presents: Scatter_Radar at SUB
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Noitu presents: SCATTER_RADAR
Live audiovisual performance

+ Local supporting acts:
Ulrich Rois (Membrane) Live
AC/Boy Hekura Rec DJ set

++ DSPH Sounds A/V Showcase


SCATTER_RADAR / http://works.s--p.net/scatter-radar
High frequency radio waves penetrate the ionosphere;
Free electrons in the upper atmosphere respond by oscillating and scattering their energy incoherently;
The cross-polarized half-wavelength dipole antenna-array picks up this faint incoherent scatter;
The ultra-powerful 22 acre antenna probes the upper atmosphere to measure electron densities, makes observations of planets, and studies solar coronas and solar gases;
Analysis of this new collected data, yielding information heretofore concealed, provides the basis for calling this new technique "space research from the ground."

SCATTER_RADAR is a real-time audiovisual performance centered around the largest incoherent scatter radar observatory in the world - The Jicamarca Radio Observatory. The piece reinterprets rare 1963 industrial footage representing travelogue-like sequence throughout the mesmerizing architectural qualities of the observatory. Experimenting on the relationship between the observer’s spatial, sensory and sonic attention, through an immersive 25-minute-long, over-stimuli submersion. The performance challenges the limits of auditory and visual perception while at the same time leaving the audience with a long-lasting sensations of a disorientating, highly-charged dystopian nature.

Noitu is the audio-visual output of Saso Puckovski a cross-disciplinary artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia.
Saso’s work spans across the spheres of sound art, audio-visual performance and installation art. His main interests are focused within the fields of site-specific and environmental interventions; building immersive experiences by using sound, imagery and interactivity as well as a constant research into the territory of sonic consciousness, microtonality, non-standard tunings in music and atonal frequencies in sound.
Noitu’s musical approach can vary greatly, ranging from very clean and subtle layered drone textures and delicate ambient soundscapes to extremely precise rhythmic patterns, distorted but warm sounds and complexly arranged compositional structures.

Ulrich Rois aka "Uncle Ulrich" as some have started to call him (which is my evil doing) will bless you with another live set this time. Expect drone, ambient and techno, from meditative to hard and also expect a portion of unexpected.
Ulrich is one of the most active people I know and I cannot imagine the Vienna art/techno-scene without him. We are super happy to have this man here from the beginning and hope we will still have many nights with Ulrich in the future.

AC/Boy (Hekura Records) is probably no stranger to you anymore if you happen to be one of those SUB.terraneans or AU.diophiles that will feel naturally drawn to this event. Thi doesn't mean he won't be able to inflict some strangeness on you. He is definetely an expert at it and he does so with style, passion and intelligence. Great to have him here again.

DSPH Sounds Showcase series are bringing a cutting-edge audiovisualism to your favorite venue. Non-genre specific but still focused on the more sharp edge of the experimental dance music, this showcases are putting together an immersive mashups of sound and imagery. Always questioning the sonic and optical boundaries of your precious A/V senses.