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THE LOFT - Astronaughty Episode II

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Thursday (Friday is a public holiday)
December 7th The Loft
11 pm - 6am
Save the date!

Thank all of you for joining Episode I

There will be lots of excitment coming up in Astronaughty Episode II. Though we promise no revolution nor will we talk in superlatives. We just want you to have a great party night out with some naughty . The Loft will feature again 4 floors with different styles of music including dark areas to discover. Party hard and play safe! And may the force be with you of course

Level 1: Showroom _ T__ __M_ _ _AS__ _C__ M_Y __S
Level 0: Boarding Area _ __ _R__ _ _C__ K___ _ _
Level -1: COCKpit _ __ __L_ _ __U_B ___ __ ____ _
Level -2: Machine Room _M __ A _ _ __X_ F__O
For the moment we lost all information due to a major hack. We are working hard to recover every single detail for you. Stay tuned!
... expect ecstatic dancing, electronic beats, alternative sounds, extraterrestrial moaning, intentional hedonism, familiar feelings and a naughty universe to have fun!

€ 8 U26 (ID required)
€ 10 all night, no pre-sale
Catch our Flyer to get the membership-card to our Universe:
Enter the Spaceship 3 times and get the 4th entry for free!

Address: The Loft | Lerchenfelder Gürtel 37, 1160 Wien
◘ U6, Station Thaliastraße
◘ Tram 46, Station Thaliastraße

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