08.09.2023, 23:00

THE LOFT - Kutschker x Gesindel pres. SCHRANCE

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Step into a mesmerizing musical journey like no other on September 8, 2023, at Loft, as we proudly present „SCHRANCE by Kutschker x Gesindel"

Get ready to be transported to two distinct yet captivating realms, all under one root.

Ascend to the upper floor, where Trance's ethereal melodies await, weaving an atmosphere of sheer euphoria and uplifting vibes. Allow the celestial tunes to cocoon you in a state of bliss, setting the stage for an unforgettable night ahead.

If you're seeking a different dimension of energy, descend to the lower floor, where the intense rhythms of Hard Techno will course through your veins. Embrace the pounding basslines as they welcome you to a new realm - a sonic depiction of the depths of hell.

Join us in this extraordinary fusion of musical
contrasts, a promise to redefine your rave experience. We eagerly await your presence at Loft on September 8th, as we embark on an evening that's bound to leave you spellbound.

With excitement,
Gesindel x Kutschkerclub


Trance Floor:

Guicy G

Hardtechno Floor:

LAXX b2b Trugbild