09.12.2017, 22:00

VENSTER 99 - Dub Mosaik #2

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Dub Jungle Dubstep

Das österreichische Bass-Musik-Massive in voller Pracht - Round #2. Gelebte Sound System Kultur auf den musikalischen Spuren des Dub und dessen elektronische Moderne.


Danubian Dub Soundsystem

There's a new sound system around the block! Nah' miss this opportunity to witness their custom & heavyweight speakers in full force. In operation since early 2017, the newly founded 'Danubian Dub' has already proven their enthusiam and aptitude for all things dub music, we're looking forward to have them 'pon the controls and this Dub Mosaik session being powered by their rig all night long.

Slack Hippy (Jungle-Set)
[FM4 La boum de luxe / The Dogs Bollocks]

The veteran DJ and electronic music conniseur will be with us to serve a special musical journey - Junglist extravaganza at its finest. With almost a quarter century residency at radio FM4 under his belt and countless gigs in Austria and beyond, it's a great pleasure and honor to be able to have him spin an invaluable selection of Jungle & Breaks records on a proper sound system - massive!

[Deep, Dark & Dangerous]

Inna' original Dub mixing style, you don't get to hear this anywhere but live and direct with Scooped on the controls of his mixing desk & FX - performing exclusives and on-the-fly arrangements with great musical prowess. He'll inevitably will have us all skanking to his system-affine style - if you haven't already, make sure to get to know.

[Sub Audio Records / Signalfire]

Presenting an eclectic selection of Dubstep - bass weight first and foremost. The bag of dubs being filled with heaps of exclusive & current music - sourced from all over the world - as well as plenty originals and sounds from the Vienna massive.



Location: Bögen 99-100, Währinger Gürtel, 1090 Wien

Eintritt /Admission: 5€ (Eintritt frei bis 23:00)

Die Einnahmen dienen den gemeinnützigen Zwecken des Vereins Bock auf Kreativität.