08.07.2017, 22:00

WEBERKNECHT - Oldschool Goa Party

Filip Nikolaevic (USB/MagnetikSRB)
Gobayashi (Astralzone)
Activ8 (MoonstreamSRB)

Live-Visuals by Lucy Dream & Lito Bürmann
(Atelier Licht.n.SteinGER)

Music strictly before year 2000
Srictly over 21
Entry 8€ 10€
Welcome shots


I was hooked into electronic music & Dj-ing in 1994. with such great labels like Eye Q, Harthouse, Recycle Or Die, Superstition, MFS, Rising High, Platipus and Blue Room among many others.
Dj-ing more than 20 years now, but still mostly active with retro trance sets, organizing parties in Belgrade on regular basis and promoting the sound of trance from the '90's.

In 1999. I made first steps into music production, and soon after, I've formed Magnetik.

In 2006. I 've formed USB (Underground Sound of Belgrade) with two friends. An organisation promoting only old school trance music or retro trance as we call our events.

We are organizing retro trance events monthly for the past few years in Belgrade and established a brand for retro trance/psychedelic/goa parties and in that time booked many artists from old school era, like: Synchro, UX, Blue Planet Corporation, Spectral, Holeg, X-Dream, Darshan, Tim Schuldt.