11.07.2015, 22:00

WEBERKNECHT - LebeLiebeLache Night with Matsumoto Zoku (JAP) LIVE

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Mainfloor: Psytrance
- Matsumoto Zoku (jap) LIVE
- CABAN (lebeliebelache)

Weberknecht Loungefloor: Deephouse-Techhouse
- Peter Pan (DJ & Produzent) (friends electric)

Deko: T.b.a.

8€vor 23.00h danach10€


Contemporary Stateless Musical Duo, Koji Matsumoto and Reo Matsumoto.
Matsumoto Zoku, like fish in the river of life, move with the natural flow of sound and energy. They merge urban vocal beats with the softer edge of the Halo and Didge creating a playful, serene and yet vibrant sound. Their intuitive and unique music is inspired by their extensive travels busking internationally, this creates an original and emotive style and groove. Their music is a unique blend of polarities merging, like the sun and moon, cacophony and silence, they are both urban and wild in their essence.
2009 April
On a hot day on a rooftop in Varanasi India, Koji and Reo met for the first time.
Then they began jamming together. After, they realized they wanted to make music together in the near future.At the moment they continue to tavel to refine their personal skills. Koji went to Australia and Europe and Reo went to Japan and NewYork.
2012 June
Then came the crisis in Amsterdam, Holland 2012. Koji and Reo met again after waiting since 2009 to make music together-3years later!
They started busking on the streets of Amsterdam, but only earned 3 euro because of the speaker Reo bought in Thailand. Thai brand doesn’t work well. It seems funny now. The Matsumoto Zoku story continues...
2012 July
Performed at Reve de Aborigène (France)
2012 September
Performed at 2nd Didgeridoo festa (Italy, Bologna)2012
Busking at Street of Milan.
After that, They hope and promise to meet up again 4month later at Melbourne Australia. They started training and obtain new inspiration travelling for individual. Koji went to United State. Re Went to Turkey.
2013 January
At Melbourne, They began the Matsumoto Zoku Project.
2013 March
At March 2013, They made Their first Demo EP Album “Tribarhythm”

Pressetext: Caban
Caban was born in the 70´s and has been influenced by psycedelic(rock) music like: pink floyd , Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Led Zeppelin, iron butterfly and many more since being a child. He fell in love and still is in love with this kind of music.
Later in his life he discovered african and world music and got addicted to syhntie sounds from kraftwerk ,and the “neue deutsche welle”. He started to collect all these kinds of music on vinyl and when he finally had his 1st mixing pult and 2 turntables, he put the tape in and pressed recording and at once knew something special just happend to him – he now was a “DJ” . This all took place in 1989. A few years later he had his first gigs in pubs and clubs. Counting the years until today – its all in all 22 years of being a DJ and musician and dancer. In his early days Caban also discovered his skills in playing percussions, and went to several music and percussion schools an played with several live-bands and live-acts.
He used to play “live percussions” often under the nickname “SHAMANICDRUMS” in many clubs in all kind of different styles – from arabic, to classic and jazz, funk, soul, electro and many more. Back then he also found his real and true love – psytrance – and started his dj career with his dj name “CABAN”. In 2002 he also started producing his own tracks – from chillout, to morning psytrance and progressive music.
Caban is a human soul – a percussionist, producer, DJ and live-act and dancer – everything combined along the lines of “music is connecting people”. Cabans Dj-sets are from ambient to chillout, from minimal to psy – from progressive and psychedelic trance to full on. Furthermore he supports sets with percussions.