20.10.2023, 17:00

Off-Location - this is our dancefloor

You step out of the metro, and on the way you have already noticed a few familiar faces who are now standing with you on the platform. Together you make the short walk to the cultural center. You already have the impression that you are in solidarity with these familiar and unfamiliar people. You arrive at the door, you know that you are in the right place, you are told that you can get support at any time if something doesn’t fit, and it is clear where and how.
It is a space where you also feel that you can speak up for yourself and where you are accepted. Where you can be. You follow the sound, the pounding rhythmic tones that already sound towards you. You stand in front of the speakers and can be, dance, and lose yourself in the music. This dance floor is yours!

sign up for the 20th via https://www.4lthangrund.jetzt/this-is-our-dancefloor/

@4lthangrund - Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien

workshop 17h // Party form 9pm
sign up required (see below!)

17h – 20h Workshop – AwA* – Awareness Basics für den Alltag (und auf der Tanzfläche) – Anmeldung nötig via: https://awa-stern.info/workshops/awareness-basics-fur-den-alltag/

Kostenpunkt: Die Workshops sind auf freier Spendenbasis zugänglich, Spende & Anmeldung inkludiert Teilnahme an der Party danach!

– – – – –

Lenia (Gassen aus Zucker)
concert by: Small Souki & big trouble band
Schande (Ärger)
Selena Pommes (Global Fyre 2099)

sign up via: https://awa-stern.info/workshop-programm-herbst-winter-2023/
Awareness at “this is our dancefloor” – on-site there will be an awareness team by AwA*

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