31.10.2019, 10:00

WIEN - The Intimate Revolution // Wien

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After the first successful festival in Berlin,
The Intimate Revolution is coming to Vienna!

Intimacy Symposium (FREE AND OPEN FOR ALL): On the first day, we will explore sexuality and intimacy on a rational basis – with lectures in the style of TedX.

Afterwards, join us for a warm Welcome! at Aux Gazelles! Get familiar with the location, the facilitators, the team & paricipants, have fun at the Speed Dating by Janina Vivianne & Florence, and enjoy an intimate atmosphere with us.

The following days are filled with over 30 different workshops during the day and nighttime events at the magnificent Aux Gazelles, which offers not only exquisite moroccan cuisine and beautiful interiors, but also a gorgeous Hammam Spa to hang out in between the workshops and during night events

Dara and Simon, Seani Love, Sonja Reifenhäuser Coaching, Michael Kreuzwieser, Melissa Tofton, Andrej Uhrich, Fehu Jasmin Freyjadóttir, Alisa Eresina , Celeste Pomegranate and many more will facilitate workshops on intimacy, love, sensuality, bondage, connection, authenticity, kink and tantra

Festival Tickets are SOLD OUT

NOTE: The Intimate Revolution // Vienna is happening at the Aux Gazelles, a marocan restaurant in the heart of Vienna. Lodging and food are NOT included in the regular ticket price. The Aux Gazelles offers a big Hammam spa (a marocan style steam bath) to indulge in, food & drinks prepared of highest quality, and a great atmosphere in the middle of Vienna. Program starts at 8.30 in the morning , there are over 30 different workshops happening during the days with top-notch facilitators from all around the globe and our parties in the evening last until late at night – be prepared for a deep dive into intimacy and pleasure!

Apply now for future events: https://www.theintimaterevolution.com/vienna/