24.06.2023, 22:30

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REE:RAW - Bunkermukke

Robert Kayser


RAW Session #1 - DJ REE:RAW
Ree.Raw, also known under the name “Schallvergiftung”, started DJing 2007 an he is standing for
bass, powerful beats, fine sets, in dark times as well as beautiful melodic sets in sunny times. In his
productions, as well as his sets, you can find a very special line of House, Techno, Grunge,
Progressive and Trash. Also he is in love with Funk & House for some special nights. Whether it\'s
the smooven downtempo sundown set, the progressive evening set or the hard techno nights,
Ree.Raw excels almost everywhere with his creative sets and there is space in many electronic
genres for REE:RAW to flourish. His punk roots accompany him and he sets a political tone with his
sound. Music flows through his veins, because he wrote his first song at the age of 4 before with
drawings as lyrics and sine waves as keys. As a transgender man, he is one of the few transgender
people in the electronic music scene and wants to set a sign for LGBTQI in the scene with his
music. With his project Bunker Mukke, which is born in 2017, he organized together with an
extensive art & music collective, one of the first art & techno events in vienna as a platform for
artists. Already in 2012 there were the first art & techno events with the artist Nizki under “Zirkus
@ Wienstation - U-Bahn-Bogen 28, 1080 Wien
U6 Josefstädterstraße / Thaliastraße
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