27.03.2015, 21:00


Flyer für: ZUM GSCHUPFTN FERDL - GIORIO für Dynamo Ferdl
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GIORIO (Becs / Auf Der Flug, VIENNA) (LISBON, PT)

Giorios story begins in the late 90's, when the dude stumbled into a Jeff Mills Live Set in Locomia Club in Albufeira near his hometown, Portugal. The happening triggered a trifectious mindblow in the young Giorio as he discovered he wanted to 1) Discover more such "Techno" 2) Bind genres by juggling beats like grandmaster Mills himself and 3) figure out the "DJ" part. The need to try it out was large, his wallet not so much, so in a DIY manner, Giorio set up two boomboxes on which he played self made mixtapes. He played in villas all along the Algarve coast, and it wasnt too long until a pair of 1200s came along, by which time he had mastered the art of beatmatching to a T. Giorio's free form attitude towards music has led him to play virtually anything that vibes with the previous track, while maintaining a communication between the audience and himself. In this way he introduced a Chicago House crowd to Roy Ayers, or the Detroit faction to ODB. His choice of music is highly versatile, yet put together like a perfect mixtape, telling a bigger story, rather than dragging along Top 40 bombers. Giorio ranks among the top local DJs in the Vienna underground scene and is a regular in clubs such as Pratersauna and Dual, as well as having his one-off nights in inner city hotspots where he showcases anything from Italo Disco to Italo Jackson - so long as the beat is pumping. - text by Sami Nagasaki