30.01.2015, 21:00


When hearing the first lady obt as a dj, one is never sure what to expect. in her point of view it is just more interesting for her – and, ultimately, for the audience as well, to cross over various genres. It’s so restricting to play just one style. But primarily it is about good tracks, and the first lady does not care whether it’s a house, disco, electro or jazz track.

Her record collection ranges from a recording of 1927 to three days ago. The second album she ever bought, after one by Abba, was by the Andrew Sisters. She used to like musicals but listened to punk and funk as well. The first lady obt always tries to explore the boundaries in music, to find out into which direction she can take people with her on a journey, so as to surprise them but not shock them too much.

What matters most to her is enjoying the music, having fun, and dancing. That doesn’t mean you will hear her play a lot of commercial stuff – far from it, she tries to find the undiscovered gems of musical history.

Although there’s likely to be one or two hit tracks in a set, albeit in remixes that might surprise the listener again.