Everybody needs some time "off" once in a while, a time to let yourself go and to enjoy the moment. We intend to prepare the right space and musical environment for you to let this happen.

Just come by and relax, have a drink or two, talk with friends and strangers, but most of all, don't take "off" your dancing shoes!

Music by
Jakobin & Domino and guests
5 Jahre Tellerbetrieb
45 Jahre TJ Hicks
31 Jahre Klaus Benedek

Das macht zusammen 81 JAHRE!!!

Eine Riesengeburtstags Back 2 Back Session erwartet euch am Samstag, den 21.10.2017 im Spark. Neben den Geburtstagskindern wird auch Alex Kolodziej hinzustoßen und an den Decks werken.

Der Eintritt ist frei!

/// Line Up ///

TJ Hicks (Minimalsoul / New York, Vienna)

Klaus Benedek (forTunea / Vienna)

Alex Kolodziej aka Inkasso Moskau (Tellerbetrieb / Vienna)

Slack Hippy returning with a once monthly residency in the newly opened, legendary SPARK.

On the last saturday of every month and tying in with his once monthly RadioShow, The Dogs Bollocks on FM4, you can expect all sorts of weird music being dropped throughout the night.

From Jazz to Funk to Disco and 80ties, pushing on through to some Afrobeat, Electro and Wave vibes, all packaged nicely into a rather splendid 5 hour set .

The entrance is free, the vibe relaxed, the beer cold & tasty.

Definitely worth checking out the old legend Slack Hippy doing what he does best, dropping vinyl and drinking a cold one. See ya there!

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