Von Wien bis Berlin.
Von hier und dort bis ins Über-All.
Startklar in höhere Sphären geschossen.
Blicken wir nicht zurück.
Wir blicken nach oben.
Reisen durch Raum & Zeit.

Piloten und Boten:

Rausch & Romain ( moody moments / change)

supported by: Don Disco & Hieronymus (nascherei/alles rakete)

Rausch & Romain ist ein Musik Projekt von Konstantin Rausch und Robert Romain. Einer getrieben durch den Rausch des frei seins der andere ein in Berlin lebender DJ, producer und live performer. Depp – Melodisch- Funky

Raum: SASS Music Club
Zeit: 27.10.2018
Launch-Time: 23:00
Manifest w/ Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus, Stockholm/ SWE)

presented by Manifest, SASS Music Club & Radio Superfly

FR, 26.10.2018

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Axel Boman
Studio Barnhus, Stockholm/ SWE

Roman Rauch
Manifest/ Secret Crunch, Vienna/AT

Manifest, Vienna/AT

Maaki aka Power Plant
Manifest, Vienna/AT

Nico Nesta
Manifest/Fruits, Vienna/AT

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About / Biography

The last time Axel Boman had his biography written for him, he had just graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy, released his Purple Drank EP on DJ Koze’s Pampa label and was looking forward to releases on Permanent Vacation, Moodmusic and Hypercolour. The future looked promising. With hindsight, this optimism of the future seems a touch naive as over the past 5 years, the Swedish bundle of joy has joined the ranks of the most in demand DJ’s in house music – touring internationally at a head-spinning rate. You can find him on the cover of magazines, headlining any venue worth their salt and creeping up festival billings – not because his name starts with an ‘A’.

Alongside his impressive touring schedule Axel’s highly esteemed label, Studio Barnhus (which he co-runs withKornel Kovacs and Pedrodollar) has been responsible for presenting the most exciting house music around today by the likes of boy wonder, Baba Stiltz, Usio and the three label-head’s themselves.

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Karlsplatz 1
1010 Vienna

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