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Electric Evelyn (Disco Dilettante I FRA)

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Anna Maria Stahl (TCS I LAZ)
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PACOU - Tresor Berlin
TINA303 - Loop

Pacou is Techno DJ and producer from Berlin, Germany. He is best known for his output on Tresor Records and his long time residency at the Tresor club in Berlin (since 1996). Other notable labels he released material on are Music Man, Konsequent, Djax, Speaker Attack, mental disorder, and his own LL and Cache.

Pacou was born and raised in Berlin where he still lives and works at present. Back in 1989 the sounds of House and Techno music took off there. He became a music collector and went to many now legendary parties and club events, which greatly influenced his future career. In 1996 he released his first record under the name "agent cooper" (on the label "Raw Music") and in 1996 he released his first single on Tresor as "Pacou". Soon after, Tresor released Pacou’s first album "Symbolic Language", and he became a resident DJ at the club.
The year 1998 marked a substantial progress in both DJ and production aspects of his career. He started playing around Europe, Japan and Australia, and changed over to fulltime work on music and performing as DJ. In 1998, Pacou founded his first own label "LL Records" to release some of his own material.
A third LP "State of mind" was released in 2000, furthermore singles on the labels Djax, Konsequent, Music Man and others. Tour dates again ranged from Brasil to Australia. Tresor released another single "Last Man Standing" in February 2004 and a whole album "The Berlin Sessions" produced with Juan Atkins in 2005.
His current project is the record label "Cache Records", started in 2005. So far Pacou have played in more than 30 countries, and the story will continue... Expect proper Techno sounds designed by Lars Lewandowski aka Pacou.
@ Super Unusual Beings - Storkgasse 7 - 1050

The Code

Before midnight - 10 Euro - after 12 Euro

Mit Lieblingsmusiker Dimitri Grimm (Dimlite, Misel Quitno).
Am Plattenspieler Reboot Joy Confession + sehr spezieller Gast.
FLUX DJ-Team (Cid Rim, The Clonious, Dorian Concept) auch dabei.

Jejuno (live set- PT)

jsx Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

Misonica ( HOPE X / femdex )
is been around Vienna’s electronic music scene for quite a while. In broad, multi-layered sets, she defines and transports her vision of techno, acid, wave and kraut. She combines a warm and melodious sound with rough elements, and undertakes associative excursions into the vastness of electronic music. Misonica is part of the collective HOPE X and V ARE Recently she co-founded the utopia3000 platform and is an active part at femdex, which aims to highlight the egalitarian and subversive potential of alternative club culture.
Otto Von Schirach from the bermuda triangle Miami , (half Cuban / half German) was born in the swamp infested refugee world of Little Havana Miami. As a child his grandmother practiced Santeria and White Magic, which opened his eyes to the strange and bizarre. Otto grew up listening to Miami Bass, Gore Grind, Gangsta Rap and Afro Cuban Noise.
AC/Boy ( Hekura Dj Set)
《Viene la muerte echando rasero,
se lleva al joven, también al viejo,
la muerte viene echando parejo,
no se le escapa ni un pasajero.
.... La muerte ha sido tan atendida
que carga a cuestas con el obrero,
muere el casado, muere el soltero,
mueren cristianos de gran empresa,
antes que venga hay que echar cerveza.》

Para celebrar la muerte Vienna ist Tropical se hace presente con un set de miedo que hara baila hasta los muertos
Um den Tod zu feiern macht sich, "Vienna ist Tropical" mit einem furchteinflössenden Set bemerkbar, der sogar die Toten zum Tanzen bringt.
Line Up:

INTICHE ( Lucid -Cosmic awakenings)

“Electro-Nativo” Live-set infused by INTICHE A deep fusion of natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments, electro, nu-cumbia, tribal, trance, minimal and native, his (self-produced) Music will take us into the heart of jungle-mountain-seas-landscapes of the Americas, as we stomp on the grounds of the pachamama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones!!!

BLONDAGE (Tropical Thunder)






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