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Manchester-based Zachary Bruce aka Interplanetary Criminal has flourished so much over the last years with very strong releases on labels such as Sneaker Social Club and a slick, stripped back 4-track EP on Banoffee Pies. Often sampling catchy R&B and dancehall vocals plus his great feel for arrangement and ultra tight sounding drums, it's no surprise that his music is played extensively on dance floors, radio shows and beyond, particularly by garage and breakbeat fans.

Zac's truly a machine in the studio, having become one of Time Is Now's strongest representatives with already three EPs to his name in the space of roughly a year on the much loved Shall Not Fade sub-label for all things UKG & breaks. You'd think that's productive enough? Not in the IPC universe, as he's also started his own "ATW" imprint in 2020 together with his good mate Main Phase, kicking things off with a killer first release and from all we know many more in the planning. His DJ skills are equally impressive, with a distinctly UK sound, he picks some of the finest from garage, rave and dub and puts a lot of thought into the narration of his sets.
_______________ZuHouse #11_______________

Die Idee: kein Techno.

Endlich seid ihr wieder bei uns ZuHouse

NichtTechnoMusik von 22:00 - 06:00 Uhr



ØØØ Frau Hofmann (tanz.t.raum music)
ØØØ Käpt'n 12 & Düsentrieb (Journey to Tarab Kosmos Kuriosum)

ØØØ Enduro XS (Frieden & Liebe Bubbles)
ØØØ Jubilee (Frieden & Liebe about later)
ØØØ LINN (Frieden & Liebe)
ØØØ Stefan Hofer (Frieden & Liebe about later)


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no homophobia
no transphobia
no sexism
no racism
no discrimination of any kind
respect each other, help each other, enjoy each other

come as you are


Peace & Love
We are very happy to close Sonic Territories 22 with a rave curated by Therese Terror.

* The Event is open to the public. But we recommend buying a ticket online.

** We recommend our festival guests to buy a 3€ ticket for the shuttle bus transfer from Seestadt to Rhiz online in advance.


Sonic {TERROR}tories rave curated by Therese Terror

Gast b2b Kate Kush 11pm–1am
Therese Terror 1–2.30am
Distortina 2.30–4.15am
Tina 303 4.30–6am


GAST is the music project of Vienna-based artist and curator Chris Attila Izsák.
In their DJ sets, music from a wide range of sources merges into each other and thus creates suspenseful musical sequences.


KATE KUSH is the alias of Marlene Kager, a Viennese designer and DJ. Their tunes are located somewhere between experimental rap and different niches of electronics. They co-founded, -curated and created the visual language of the event series dishes, taking place in vienna since early 2022.


THERESE TERROR curates several lineups and is an active supporter of gender equality and diversity within electronic music. Her DJ sets take in a wide range of styles from techno, driving acid, trance and leftfield electronica to pop anthems; fast-paced and full of references to various eras of electronic music.


DISTORTINA's music ranges from early and millennium gabber to terror, frenchcore and doom core amongst others. She runs the monthly radio show busy action with fellow dis dj jackhammer and Relativ as well as the event series „Hardcore Penetration" in Vienna.


TINA 303 ist seit 1992 als DJ aktiv, von 1995 bis 2012 war sie Moderatorin bei FM4 La Boum Deluxe. In den vergangenen 30 Jahren war sie als Label Ownerin und Producerin aktiv und hat mehrere Soundtracks für Filme veröffentlicht. Nach jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung an den Decks kennt sie alle Ecken und Enden elektronischer Musik und spielt Sets, die niemand so leicht vergisst.


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