BEAT IT invites
DAILY ONE HOUR w/ Turno, Serum, MC Marvelous

Für den ersten Teil der 10 Jahresfeier schalten die Jungs der
Daily One Hour - Strictly Drum and Bass ein paar Gänge hinauf und erinnern sich an die Anfänge
ihrer Crew. ln den frühen Jahren holten sie Gäste wie TAXMAN, CLIPZ, BASSFACE SASCHA und viele andere in den ehemaligen THE ZOO. Für 2017 haben sie versucht dem damaligem Sound gerecht zu werden und sind nun stolz in Kooperation mit BEAT IT das Party Lineup für #10YDOH - Part One zu präsentieren.

Turno (UK)
Low Down Deep / Charge / Viper

Turno ist zur Zeit einer der meist gebuchtesten und gefragtesten Bass DJs in Europa und das nicht ohne Grund. Seit seinem ersten Release 2011 ging seine Karriere steil nach oben, viele Namhaften Labels kann er bereits unter seinem Namen setzten und so ist er auf den großen JumpUp Festivals, wie Innovation, immer ein Garant für gute Stimmung und einer stampfenden Crowd.

Serum (UK)
Philly Blunt / V Recordings / LDD

Mit Serum kommt ein Producer dessen Handwerk schon auf Meisterniveau liegt. Sein rollender Sound kann alle Facetten des Drum and Bass enthalten, von Zart bis Hart ist in seinem Portfolio alles zu finden. Mit Releasen auf V Recordings bis Low Down Deep zählt er zu den Helden der Szene und findet sich seit über einem Jahrzehnt in vielen Playlists wieder.

MC Marvelous (DE)
nme click / Sun and Bass

Der gebürtige Deutsche ist eigentlich geborener Entertainer, seine
Stimme und sein Flow sind ein wahrer Ohrenschmaus. Seit über 15 Jahren steht er mit allen Größen auf der Bühne und ist ebenso Sun and Bass Resident MC.

Supported by DOH ALL-STARS

Construct https://www.play.fm/construct-1
Milleks https://hearthis.at/milleks/
Mojo https://www.play.fm/mojo-5
Urbanfreak https://www.play.fm/schmanckerl

SA.22/7 @ Flex ab 23:00 Uhr
1010 Wien, Augartenbrücke

Eintritt: € 15,- all night long
Beat It Invites

Switch! feat.

DJ Blackley (Cre8DnB / U.K.)
R3dx (Multifunction/Invaderz // U.K.)
Mc Jimmy Danger (Audio Danger / U.K.)

Dj Pandora
Shifty b2b Replic
Bombaman MC

WARM UP auf der Flex Terrasse 17-23 Uhr hosted by BOOYAH!
unics, Splinta, Mental Decay, Replic bringen die jungle beats bei freiem Eintritt!

Location: FLEX
16+ Ausweise mitnehmen!

doors open 11 pm
€ 10,- all night!!
Culprate & AKOV

Culprate’s musical intuition started at the age of just 13 when he decided to learn the guitar. By the age of 15, Culprate’s passion and creativity really came into bloom as he was introduced to electronic music, and of course how to produce it, at college. From then on it was simply a matter of time before his driven persona and growing production skills resulted in mind blowing anthems, tearing their way through clubs around the world.

Having established various releases on various record labels, the time has come for Culprate to gain some real direction. The 5 Star EP via Inspected Records marks a new era for Culprate. Aptly named, the EP is massively anticipated, and has already gained the support from the likes of KOAN Sound, Gemini & Skrillex. Admittedly, Culprate's releases have always been a tad sporadic, but the 5 Star EP is certainly the result of careful planning and meticulous attention to detail.

It's fair to say that Culprate is a household name in the underground world of dubstep. However, he is far from content, admitting recently he would love to get his hands on some hardware to take his production to the next level. And with influences ranging from Squarepusher to Amon Tobin, only Culprate could tell you what sort of production the future holds. But from what we’ve seen already, we know it’ll be good.

UK Artist from Bristol, now Residing in Vienna, Austria.
24 years old.

Uncompromising and loud, synonymous to the iconic bear logo he so frequently uses. AKOV is a presence in the drum & bass scene with his foundations in the neurofunk sound, however never a slave to a trend. You can always expect a sense of refreshing original energy from his music.

Discovered by Neurofunkgrid's radar back in late 2013, AKOV was at the forefront of the new school resurgence that neurofunk has witnessed in the past few years. AKOV had a platform to release his first attempt at the subgenre of drum & bass on his Construct EP which paints an interesting picture when listening through his back catalogue. A clear progression can be observed from start to finish thanks to the freedom to release anything the artist made in a linear fashion through the model of free downloads which were promoted exclusively through the prominent youtube channel of NFG. And as such, the artists is still constantly evolving and developing his skills whilst still maintaining a signature sound.

AKOV's first commercial release was through Belgian based Mindtech Recordings, of which the title track Mantra secured him a 1st place in the D&B download charts for 2 weeks, seeing his music alongside many of his favourite artists. This small success propelled the artists in the international community and has paved the way for him to play an impressive checklist of shows across Europe Including the legendary 'Let it Roll Festival'.

Now in a new environment AKOV is gearing up ready for releases through labels such as Titan Records, Eatbrain, Close2Death and Mayan Audio which will no doubt see the artist reach new levels this year.


Culprate (Inspected / OWSLA )

AKOV (Titan Records / MINDTECH RECORDINGS / Close 2 Death Recordings )

Paranoize (AudioPorn Records)

Menace (CITY WARRIORS VIENNA / Masters of Dirt)

Moerky Moerk (UK Menu)

"What's poppin', mans,
mans never been in Flex when it's shutdown eh?
Trust me blud"

€10,- til midnight / €12,- afterwards

Supported by:
Stefan Pausa Photography & Filmmaking
Design by:
Orangutanklaus / https://www.behance.net/orangutanklaus
Raveael (CWV)
Fourtex (Overdose)
Protex (Team Disziplin)
IllSkillz (Moving Shadow, Metalheadz)
Dismatic (Team Disziplin)
Muks (Trauma Club)

Host of the night MC Steezy
Das Crazy Friday Special bleibt seiner Linie treu-Techno ohne viel Schnörkel
Florian Meindl (Flash/Berlin)

Mike Vinyl (Injectionmusic)

Mischkonsum (Graz)

ENTRADA: 9.-/13.-

Florian Meindl is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist, who is renowned for his technical prowess.

Producing for over fourteen years, Florian has become known for his deep, grooving powerful techno. His productions are characterised by his love of analog, which represent his true signature sound.

2006 saw the inception of Florian’s label FLASH Recordings. The label showcases Florian’s musical vision, reflects his taste and gives him tracks for his DJ Mixes. A platform for artists that Florian likes, FLASH has had over 130 releases already including tracks from Heron, Electric Rescue, Maxime Dangles, Hans Bouffmyhre & Avgusto.

In May of this year Florian released his second solo album ‘Collide’ to critical acclaim. The album was clearly influenced by Florian’s transition from producing almost entirely digitally for thirteen years to recording mainly analog jamming sessions and editing the end results after on the computer. The technical aspect is integral to Florian’s musical journey that he takes the listener on. His talent lies in enabling the machines to speak and groove, to connect with them and create sounds and patterns.

In addition to solo releases and numerous collaborations with international artists, and remixing the likes of Hot Chip & Royksopp, Florian is busy with his sound design brand Riemann Kollektion and Riemann Modular which is his new studio gear company specializing in Eurorack Modules.

As a DJ, live performer, studio producer and sound designer, Florian has over the years established an impressive producing base for himself in his Berlin based Riverside Studio complex with an exciting hardware set up including Modular Systems, an analog mixing desk as well as classic machines like Roland 909.

After fourteen years of international performances and production, Florian has developed a special connection with his analog equipment, letting them speak for him in music where words just aren’t possible.
Flexible " Summer Psytrance Night "
Samstag, 05. August – FLEX (Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien)

Am Samstag, den 05. Augusti lädt Flexible zur nächsten großen „Sommer Sause" ins Wiener Flex! Bei sommerlichen Temperaturen eskalieren wir am Donaukanal zu fettesten Progressive und Psytrance Tunes!

Kimo vom serbischen Top Label TesseractStudio, Cougar & Serex von den Soundlab Pirates, und Mahodin vom Together Trance Project sorgen für fetten Sound und gute Stimmung.

Während drinnen die Party steigt, bietet der Garten vor dem Flex viel Platz zum Chillen und Plaudern wenn man vom Tanzen eine Pause braucht!

FLEXIBLE steht für: beweglich, elastisch, geschmeidig, anpassungsfähig, offen, veränderbar! Eine tolle, wilde, laute und vor allem bunte Nacht, die ihr nicht vergessen werdet, steht uns bevor!

==== MAINFLOOR ==== start 23.00
- Progressive & Psytrance -

= KIMO ( TesseractStudios Serbia )
= Serex (Soundlap Pirates Austria)
= Cougar (Enterrec./Soundlab Pirates Austria)
= Mahodin (Together Trance Project Austria)

==== DEKO & VISUALS ====

Deko by: Calaquendi Decoration

Vorverkauf: ab 15.07.2017
€ 10,- € @ Jugendinfo Babenbergerstraße 1, 1010 Wien
€ 10 € + 1,- € Gebühr @ AURIN Kirchengasse 25 A-1070 Wien

==== AK TICKETS / @ THE GATES ====
== AK: € 13,- € all night long


FUTURE BEATZ by the makers of Nu Forms Festival

DC BREAKS present Different Breed (RAM Records)
AGRESSOR BUNX presents Properties of Addition (EATBRAIN)
KRYPTOMEDIC presents The fifth Column (EATBRAIN)


FUTURE BEATZ by the makers of Nu Forms Festival

!! FRIDAY, August 11th 2017 Flex, Vienna 23:00 - 06:00 15EUR
Samstag, 12.08.2017

Zuckerwatt - Boink! - Crazy - WCDL - Techno Macht Sinn - Digital Konfusion - Puppenhouse


Nach den letzten beiden Zusammentreffen in Köln & Graz geht es für uns diesmal zurück zum Ursprung nach Wien. Selbes Datum wie letztes Jahr, andere Location und wir legen nochmal einen drauf. Diesmal KOMMEN am 12.08. wieder erstklassige Kollektive ZUSAMMEN, die garantiert jedem von euch ein Begriff sind. Seid dabei, wenn Zuckerwatt, Boink!, Crazy, Techno Macht Sinn, WCDL, Puppenhouse & Digital Konfusion für diese eine Nacht verschmelzen und gemeinsam das Flex erbeben lassen. Zum Zweiten Mal KOMMEN wir ZUSAMMEN in Wien, somit haben wir natürlich auch zwei Headliner für euch. Wir freuen uns riesig, Torsten Kanzler und Kerstin Eden an Bord zu begrüßen.



[TK Records // Abstract]


[Naked Lunch // Abstract]


support by

Sutter Cane
[Driving Forces // Boink!]

Steve Looney
[Electronic Motion // Echelon Open Air]

Fabian Hofer

Chris Nait
[Hybrid Confusion // Kommen Zusammen]

[Naked Lunch // Techno Macht Sinn]

Pears & Tills
[NB Records // WCDL // Kommen Zusammen]

outdoor floor (PUPPENHOUSE & Digital Konfusion Mixshow)

[Beat Therapy Records // Puppenhouse]

DJ Joe-Joe
[Digital Konfusion]

Edgar Tronic
[Digital Konfusion]

Hokes Pokes
[Digital Konfusion]



1010 Wien

Herzliches Dankeschön an unsere Sponsoren und Partner:

Hanfoase & Stecklingsexpress
Jonny Ink Tattoo



VVK: tba

AK: tba
Switch! Deluxe presents Upgrade & Easzy BirthdayBash feat.

Upgrade (Serial Killaz // U.K.)
Eazy (Walking Dead Recs // U.K.)
Complex (D-Stortion // U.K.)
Mc Foxy (U.K.)
Mc Shaydee (U.K.)

Bombaman MC

Location: FLEX!!!!
16+ Ausweise mitnehmen!

doors open 11 pm
€ 12,- vor 0 Uhr, € 14,- danach
Sofa Surfers '20' Album Release Show @ Flex, Vienna, Austria
feat. visuals by Timo Novotny (inLoops)

Crazy Sonic
Rainer Klang
Michael Holzgruber (Sofa Surfers)

Early Bird-Tickets: https://goo.gl/GJdNL2

Vergangene Events: