Seit Jänner 2019 featured VIENNA BEAT elektronische Musik aus Wien und Umgebung. Zur 1-Jahres-Feier haben wir uns ein feines Line-Up zusammengestellt um mit euch diese besondere Nacht durchzufeiern.
Im Rahmen dieser Feier wird "DISTANCE PROJECT" sein neues Album "Runner's High" präsentieren!
Distance Project

DISTANCE PROJECT was founded as a solo project by the Viennese Hannes Zellhofer.

The style of his work can be assigned to the genre "Electronic". Zellhofer sees himself as a live musician.

The first EP "A-B-C (Marathon)" was recorded and released in 2015. This was an excerpt from an almost one hour long instrumental piece which was presented live in the same year in Vienna Metalab.

In 2016, Zellhofer concentrated on recording his music himself and busied himself intensively with various recording techniques. In the course of this a small studio was set up in his apartment and "Tour de France" was published.

The 60-minute instrumental piece "Dance & Trance" followed in 2017. This was presented live at an Old School Party in Vienna's Weberknecht.

Finally in the autumn of 2018 the first full album called "Trail Running Experience" was released. The work includes 8 tracks and will be presented as part of the "Trail Running Experience - Tour".

2019 the Singles "Endorphine" and "Delirium", has been released.

On Januar 31st, the new Album "Runner's High" will be released.


Inspired by the dark Berlin techno sound, the duo Mekoor produce tracks, which result in a sophisticated sound from characteristic beats and melodic parts. Originally started as a solo project in 2012, the two musicians have refined their sound and created a unique live set of analog and digital components. Besides three EPs and over 10 released Singles, Mekoor can look back on over 60 shows in Germany and Austria.


Fausto Castillo

Fausto Castillo is a Mexican musician, composer and producer of Electronic-Ambient- Experimental music based in Vienna, Austria. He started his career playing rock music in Mexico since the year 2006 and later adapting the concept into Synthesizers music production. In the year 2017 he started living in Sweden and the landscapes and the aesthetics of the country influence his music into development of a sound that is based in ambient and soundscapes that are blended with beats and textures that only analog synthesizers can achieve.



Yan Fragnon

Yan Fragnon fights side by side with the Rainbow Rangers from the first hour. He does not cling to any genre, but listens to his gut feeling and with that he succeeds. His eclectic mixes are consistently filled with nice surprises to discover.


electronic music. quite dancable

Acid Lambada wird 1.
Passend dazu gibt es eine Premiere.
Nämlich, zum ersten Mal eine Release Party.

Wir hauen uns mit dem Wiener House & Disco Label Life Is For Living auf ein Packerl und feiern die Veröffentlichung der 'Pizza & Trumpets EP' von Roman Rauch & Peletronic.
Zu kaufen gibts das leckere Stück zum ermäßigten Preis an der Kassa oder regulär über Bandcamp: http://tiny.cc/pizzatrumpets

Abgerundet wird das Programm von unserem zweiten Gast, der wunderbaren M-Jane, und unseren hauseigenen Vogelflüsterern LNKMN und Circle Scope.

Eintritt ist 5€ ohne-, und 10€ inkl. Vinyl.
Wer bald kommt erhascht außerdem vielleicht noch ein Stück Pizza.

Roman Rauch
[Life Is For Living]

[Life Is For Living]


[Acid Lambada]

Circle Scope
[Acid Lambada]
Spieleabend im Rhiz - wir spielen die ganze Nacht ... Techno.

Für das erste Event von "Brett & Spiele" haben wir ein ganz besonderes Brett für euch vorbereitet: "1 mal alles bitte."
Am Dancefloor spielt harter, gnadenloser Techno. Dafür sorgen Spielleiter Mike Tiger, Würfelmeister Jakob und Linienrichter benZino.

An den Decks:

Mike Tiger

Dark Techno, Industrial Techno, Acid Techno

Welcome Shot für die ersten Gäste

Freie Spende

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